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Cloud Computing : What are the benefits?

By June 28, 2018 No Comments
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Cloud computing, which is also known as cloud architecture covers a number of cloud-based models. Many of these cloud-based models marketers and developers will be accustomed to:
(a) SaaS: Software as a Service
(b) PaaS: Platform as a Service
(c) laaS: Infrastructure as a Service

The benefits of Cloud Architecture:

1. Speed: Speed is one of the most important factors in cloud computing. With improved speed and services, productivity is also increased in the business. There’s an entire delivery network that makes things easy and fast to work with.
2. Accessibility: More options for employees are available by Cloud architecture to access data and digital tools. Most of the softwares can be accessed through most browsers and mobile devices.
3. Lower costs: A cloud-based architecture relieves significant workload from the IT teams of various organizations. By this, IT operating costs can be reduced and IT teams can easily concentrate on server issues, bug fixing etc.
4. Scalability: This computing is ideal for brands that have a rapidly growing bandwidth demand. Brands get allowed to easily scale up their cloud capacity by simply changing their usage plan.
5. IoT Ready: Cloud-based architecture results in embracing the IoT era more rapidly, when combining with headless content management. Brands can have an interaction with consumers or internal staff at any platform when required.
6. Better Disaster Recovery: Cloud-based software can save time and helps brands to avoid large upfront investments in servers which holds backup data. Risk can be reduced by cloud software even if your hardware gets lost or stolen inside or outside the office.
7. Automatic Updates: Internal sources are required with the conventional architecture to maintain and keep the system up-to-date. Businesses don’t have to waste their time on the maintenance of the system. If you leave them free to focus on important things, it may result in the growth of the business.
8. Increases Collaboration: With cloud software, the team can work remotely. The team becomes able to access, edit, download, upload and share content at any time. It means workers of the same project can work together on same content even sitting on opposite sides of the globe. So, collaboration, as well as teamwork spirit, increases among the staff members.
9. Encourages remote working: Employees become able to work from home on cloud computing which automatically increases approximately 13 percent production. So, brands can actually remodel their business with cloud-architecture to cut costs in other areas of the organization.
10. Multi-site Management: Multiple sites from one dashboard can be hosted and managed with cloud-based computing. Being able to operate multiple sites on one system allow organizations to manage the content on each site without logging in or out of different platforms or instances.

The cloud-based architecture enables brands to get competitive benefit whilst improving productivity and reducing costs. It provides an affordable subscription-based model which is straightforward to manage.

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