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Gitter network

A user-friendly chatting & networking platform is always preferred over the old techniques of messaging or emailing.

Imagine you and your crew are working in GitHub, and every time you have to communicate amongst yourselves you either have to email each other or use an external instant messaging platform. Not only is that cumbersome, but also it makes work balance difficult.

Now, imagine a second scenario. Again, you and your gang of mischiefs are building this cool new app and you can simply have an instant message pop up to communicate. But no, this pop up is unlike that of an irritating ad engine, it’s more like a simple, subtle notification indicating that you need to manage your mischief. And this is coming for your own personal chat room that you share with your gang. Moreover, if you are struck you can actually open this instant message platform to other coders who can share their opinions and help you with your code.

Isn’t that the best this ever? Totally!

What is

In terms of a layman, Gitter is an instant message platform for GitHub developers and users of repositories. Gitter offers SaaS or Software-as-a-Service.

Features of

• Gitter offers a single chatroom for every single repository in Github.

• Gitter offers security of the messages and provides confidentiality.

• Codes can be directly shared using the chatrooms.

• The messages ae stored in the cloud and can be easily retrieved, it makes the database of the website lightweight.

• Online status for users and notifications.

• Easily browsable and searchable features present.

• Individual files can be linked with Git repository.

• Linking individual files with Git Repository.

Why should we use Gitter?

Gitter offers the basic facilities of any chat site – real time communication and sharing of information. The main advantage lies in the fact that Gitter is Web-based chat client, so we no longer need to install a new software to communicate. It can be easily accessed from the GitHub page using the same username password as that of GitHub.

Moreover, it gives the developers power to control their own chat sites. We can manually grant access to other users to enter into a particular chatroom.

Gitter can also be integrated with other platforms like – Trello,Travis Cl, Seroku, Logentries, Bitbucket, and many more.

Gitter also offers a feature called Pervasive Logging, which means that the previous messages can be stored and easily retrieved by anyone entering the chatroom. This feature may or may not be beneficial for all purposes.


Despite the presence of several IRC clients that provide the same service, Gitter is a modified easy-to-use platform that has a minimalist approach and provides maximum facilities. With cloud storage and Node js. Working in the backend, Gitter is Teams/Skype for GitHub developers.

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