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If you are among those who wants more people to engage in commenting on your website, while keeping the database of your website light and free from clutter, then here is the solution for you – Disqus. Disqus is a 3rd party commenting system that let you easily use and embed their commenting system into your website, without worrying about 100s of things you might encounter while using default commenting system of the platform your website is built on i.e. WordPress.

Disqus is a popular online discussion and commenting system used by hundreds of thousands of sites all over the web and came into existence in 2007. The platform includes various features, such as user profiles, advanced administration, social network integration, anti-spam, moderation tools, analytics, email notifications, mobile commenting and other extensive community functions. Disqus has dominated the commenting system market with its feature-rich and mature comment management system. It is very popular among bloggers and website owners, so it should not surprise to know that 75% of the websites you surf are using Disqus.

As a user and commenter, you will find Disqus very easy to use. It looks like any other commenting system, but here you have the option to use your social media profile to login or sign-up using an email address. It can show your avatar, which it fetches from your social media profile.

Disqus can be used with any website as it supports most of the common platforms like, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Squarespace, Drupal and Zoomla. You can use universal code which works regardless of the platform you are using.

Another feature of Disqus is Promoted Discovery. Promoted discovery makes it possible for you to publicize your own content and earn money when users click on paid Discovery listings on your page. This is a useful feature if you are a blogger and want to earn money from your blog page.

We have talked about all the good things above, however, there is one downside to using disqus – No Expire Headers. In simple terms, when you test your website for speed ranking and you do not see perfect 100, that is because DISQUS has no caching time set for its script and that adds few milliseconds of load time, each time someone loads the website. The very reason we are not using it – Speed Matters To Us.

Go to Disqus to know more about it.

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