When the disaster happens how will you respond? Whether it comes from a technology failure, a natural disaster, or just user error, STGI Managed Backup and Recovery Services restores business continuity fast.

A Crucial Component of Your Layered Security Strategy

Using several layers of preventive defenses will protect you from most IT security threats, but you could still be vulnerable to hardware failures, acts of nature, and newly emerging malware. Any of these can wreak havoc on a business’s bottom line. STGIs Backup & Recovery Solutions helps return all systems to safe states, making it essential to a strong layered security strategy and potentially saving millions for businesses.

Our Bare Metal DR is an entire cloud backup and disaster recovery solution to fully protect your server and data environment and ensures minimal to no downtime in the event of an on premise physical or virtual machine failure. From an individual file to a total bare metal restore of an entire server – recovery is just minutes away.

Bare Metal DR offers the following features:

  • Built-in deduplication and compression to optimize storage use;
  • Stored offsite in SiRON’s Canadian Tier 3 data centre facilities;
  • Achieve bare-metal recovery (data & server restoration from the ground up in minutes after a catastrophic failure);
  • Push button failover to a standby Virtual Private Server;
  • Access your data anywhere there’s an Internet connection; and,
  • Total peace of mind knowing your business is never at risk in the event of hardware failure or major disaster.

Bare Metal backup differs from traditional backup services in that a snapshot of the entire server is taken – files, applications, and the operating system. The copy of the server allows for near instantaneous backup of a failure to a replacement physical or virtual server. Recover an entire volume with near-zero RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and an RPO (Recovery Point Objective)

  • Individual files or a total bare metal restore of a server can be restored to or retrieved instantly from the cloud
  • DRP client has built-in de-duplication and compression to optimize storage usage to minimize operational expense
  • Supports Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Stored offsite in SiRON’s Tier 3 Canadian data center facilities
  • Achieve bare-metal recovery (data & server restoration from the ground up) in minutes after a catastrophic failure onto a physical, virtual or virtual cloud server
  • Total peace of mind knowing your business is never at risk in the event of hardware failure or major disaster

Optimized for file-level backup for PC’s, Laptops and Server environments with all data stored in our Canadian-based Tier 3 Data Center.

Our cloud backup product is proven technology that offers substantial features and benefits that simplifies the backup process. Vault guides the process and creation of backup policies that deliver reduced risks of data loss and rapid restore of files.

  • Removes the burden of complex, daily backup administration as this process is automated and monitored
  • Set and Forget with continuous automatic backup, eliminating the need for the end users to remember to backup data
  • Recovery is fast and easy with restoring only the data that has been changed, saving storage space, and recovery time
  • Data is securely stored and protected in Canada at our Tier 3 Data Centres

File Backup for PCs and laptops

Optimized for desktop computers and laptop protection. Our simple one-click client install supports Windows and MacOS machines.

  • An easy-to-use client requires zero configuration and intelligently backs up the user files and folders on each PC.
  • File backup options allow for default settings which will backup commonly used files and folders, such as My Documents, Email, Favourites, etc.
  • The client is fully programmable – settings can be made to ignore specific file types, .avi, .mp3, .aac, etc. to reduce the level of redundant backup.
  • File retention options to allow for multiple versions of each file to be stored and retention periods by file, folder or file type.
  • Continuous Data Protection process with pause & resume technology means little processing burden while backups run in the background.
  • No charge client means any number of PC’s and laptops can be backed up with no additional cost per machine.
  • Billing is based solely on the total amount of data across all machines being backed up.

File Backup for Servers

Built for high traffic physical and virtual server environments, Vault uses a specially designed backup client entirely optimized for cloud server backup. Engineered with maximum flexibility in mind, Vault allows agentless backup of all of your company’s physical and virtual servers, regardless of the physical location or the server operating system.

Vault fully supports secure database backup environments such as MS SQL, MS Exchange (Full and Brick Level) email and other popular business applications.

  • Hybrid backup technology enables saving local copies of your data and VMs for even faster restores!
  • Agentless backup means easy to manage deployment – automatically detects physical or virtual servers on your network, regardless of location.
  • Back up virtual servers at the VM level while they are running avoiding downtime and business interruptions.
  • Restore at the VM level saving time to re-install operating systems, restore system state/active directory and then files!
  • Restore a complete VM image to the point-in-time snapshot of when it was last backed up.
  • No charge client means any number of servers can be backed up with no additional cost per machine.
  • Billing is based solely on the total amount of data, across all machines, that is being backed up.

Fully Unified File Backup

  • Power, speed, and analytics
  • Security Testing and Compliance
  • Centrally Managed Full Configuration
  • Smart Delta Backups
  • Fast and Easy File Restore for Lost or Corrupted Data

Endpoint Backup Portal

The web portal is accessed through the AEB desktop agent and allows you to quickly see device information, view backup status and restore files from a backup including earlier versions.

Endpoint Backup and Desktop Agent

The agent is the software installed on the computer that is responsible for communicating between the local drive and the cloud. Siron Endpoint Backup supports both Windows and Mac operating environments. When a file is added to a location that has been specified for backup, the Endpoint Backup Agent will automatically recognize this and begin the backup process. If any changes are made to a file after the initial backup, the agent will recognize the changes and initiate the backup. All you need is internet access; SiRON Endpoint Backup does the rest.

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