STGI provides strategic direction for data center design and help our clients to understand the advantages and appropriate use of virtualization, cloud technologies and cloud services. Our Consulting Services team works closely with our clients to ensure there is a greater return on investment in the solutions we deliver.

We promote cost-effective, innovative and secure infrastructure services whether on-premises or co-located. We offer our clients energy-efficient green data centers, cloud computing and managed security services. An intelligent infrastructure harnesses the power of emerging technologies while getting the most out of legacy environments.

Cabling Solutions

We provide fiber and copper cabling solutions employing modern methodologies for  installation and testing. Our procedures and equipment for CAT3, CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7, Fiber and Coax infrastructures are certified.

We use the most current installation, testing procedures and equipment for Single-Mode and Multi-Mode Fiber Optics.

Our Infrastructure services include:

• Indoor and Outdoor Installations
• Backbone Design and Installation
• Horizontal Design and Installation
• Moves, Adds and Changes
• Complete Infrastructure Design
• Certification
• Conduit & Ladder Tray Pathways

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